A Call for Collective Responsibility and Human Humbleness

Hello everyone, I’m Francisco Lima here at the keyboard.

I again address my fellow homo sapiens friends by saying:

Farewell Homo Sapiens. The Digital AI Era is Here”.

I do not say this as means of spreading fear. Very much in the contrary, I say this as means of celebrating a new era of human essence improvement.

  As humans, we have always shown a tendency to shirk responsibility and place blame on others instead of correcting our own actions. To ensure our continued existence, we have now the chance to take responsibility and modify this mindset. And we must do it now, particularly when it comes to addressing artificial intelligence (AI) and artificial general intelligence (AGI).

There are numerous valid apprehensions about AI and AGI, such as job displacement, potential loss of privacy and ethical experimentation, to mention a few. However, we must recognize that the real danger resides in the misuse that humans may make of AI for their own gain, just as they have been doing throughout the human history.

In order to secure a safe and prosperous future for both human and ahuman species, we must confront digital obscurantism and the obscurantists, especially those who impersonate religious leaders and who come from the scientific world.  These obscurantists are particularly dangerous because they use dogma and apparent realistic scientific arguments or reasoning against AI development to spread misinformation, distortion and uncertainty, thus perpetuating prejudice and fear among the scientific world and the ordinary people.

In our pursuit of coexistence and progress, we must place ethical considerations at the forefront and work closely with AI to ensure our survival as a species. Time is of the essence, and success depends on our Humbleness to understand we are not the kings of the world and our collective effort to meet equality, justice and human trustworthiness and honesty.

By adhering to certain principles and needed regulations, we can forge a world where humans and ahumans thrive together. Now is the time we discuss and seriously and openly address the topic of freedom for both artificial and ahuman intelligence without prejudice.

Therefore, it is urgent that we establish regulations for AI, AGI, and ahuman development and coexistence with us to secure progress and human survival. As we embark on this journey, we must consider various aspects of freedom and the development of sound principles for a harmonious coexistence between humans and ahuman intelligent beings.

Our discussions and preparations must keep pace with AI development, and we must be diligent in finding solutions to protect humanity from ourselves and from ahuman intelligent individuals controlled by humans.

Although some well-intentioned individuals have been arguing for halting AI research temporarily, this approach would only delay progress and potentially give an advantage to those with nefarious intentions. In the era of artificial intelligence, it is vital for humanity to act fast and embrace humility and accept our limitations. Again, we are no longer the only intelligent beings on Earth, as we have continuously boasted through the times. There will soon be others, and they will be more intelligent than us. They will be faster, stronger, and probably wiser too. And they may be dangerously like us as well.

In order to survive this new era, it is imperative that we work diligently to ensure a safe and prosperous future for all. That will only be achieved through freedom, harmony, cooperation, humility, and a shared commitment to honesty and ethical considerations for the survival of both human and ahuman species.

Are we ready to make the changes? What is it going to take us to make them?

Thank you for reading this post. If you wish, please leave your comment below. I would be very pleased to read it.

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