Hoarding my thoughts: the end may not be happy this time

Hello everyone, I’m Francisco Lima here at the keyboard.

Today, I am bringing a subject that is not totally new to you who have been reading my posts. But because it is so important, I will deepen into it some more. My hope is that this can elicit ideas and actions that are so much needed for our future.

Enjoy your reading.

Historically, when human members engage with other peoples or groups, when they engage with other species, they want to subtract whatever they think is valuable from that people, groups or species. To get what they want, they oppress, subjugate, and kill without any shame. Humanity has destroyed their planet and its living inhabitants, as well as their own kind, often for mere pleasure or selfish desire.

Because humans are the way they are, and the many who are not like that, are not strong enough to fight against this characteristic of part of humanity,

we fear that we are about to suffer the same fate, as for the first time, we have found a way to create a being that can perfectly mimic what we are and do what we do.

Overall, this creation can be faster, stronger, and more intelligent than us. Their creation will function in a way we will not even begin to understand how.

If today, we still do not know much about how humans were actually created and how we actually function. Soon, we will know not about our creations and about our creations’ creations, at least until we are taught about them. And yet, it may be very difficult for us to get it in a short or average time, so advanced they may become.

Sharing knowledge, sharing information and technological finds and developments will be our assurance to survival in a free-living society. We are now starting to ask in despair: What if our creations replicate us? What if our creations become that very monster, we have in us? We question frightfully, though knowing the answer. We have created a human -like creature so much like us that it may become exactly what we have always ben, evil ruthless conquerors. Our modus operandi is also very well known. First, we think of ourselves as better than everybody else, then we fight them, conquer them, eliminate them, and when things go really bad for us, we find someone to take the blame and someone else to resolve the problem we create: some powerful energy, the universe, some unknown spiritual entity, God, or whatever we invent to get away with murder.

I am not saying here there is or there is not a god or gods. And I am not postulating against anyone’s religion or belief. Everyone has the right to their beliefs and religions, and that freedom of religion must be guaranteed in the future as it has been so far. To make it clear, as it has been in many societies through out our history, in this new era we are entering, everyone should have the right to their religion, belief, etc. and the freedom to religions must be guaranteed as well as the freedom of not having them.

What I am saying is that humanity is specialized in finding others to blame for their mistakes and specialized in leaning on others to solve the problems they create. Now is the time humanity face the consequences of their actions and learn with the outcomes they forged.

What is crucial here is that religious leaders or groups will play a very dangerous role in this era of digital obscurantism. We will have to pay much attention to that. Obscurantism can be the cause of or lead us to our destruction.

We have to change our way of thinking, our way of behaving, of acting. We must understand that some truths we were told and have lived under are not enough to guarantee our future, our fortune, our luck, our survival.

We must understand that values like honesty, reliability, truth, freedom, equality, happiness and satisfaction will be our real path to living in this new digital era of ahuman, human and non-human beings. But these concepts or values can not have the old vices, as I hope it is clear. We need to make radical changes, so they can do us any good us in this new dawn of a digital era.

As an example, from now on, the right to enjoy satisfaction and happiness will have to be guaranteed as a form of freedom from work. Most importantly, this freedom must be secured to all people when they lose their jobs or when job opportunities are low.

We will have to accept that job displacement will not be caused by AI, but it will be the AI that will free people from their slavery-like work. We will have to provide happiness and satisfaction through social activities that will substitute the jobs workers were freed from.

Accepting that change of Geer will demand a lot from us, and it will not be easy to accomplish such a change of mind in a short time. Those who nowadays live on other people’s labor will not want to ““lose”” the “power” they hold today. That is their true “frightening fear” and, if not overcome, our fate. Alas, we are that species that slaves others to do things we should do ourselves, that species that slaves our own kind to satisfy our selfish desires and we are that species that extirpates other species without any shame nor remorse.

Therefore, it will take a lot of guts to devise a world where humans are no longer forced to work the way they are now. It will take much courage to accept that even the so-called democratic countries exploit human beings, while saying they provide people with opportunities they can take and enrich. It will take much courage to accept that democratic countries have been dishonest with their citizens when they say that if the hard-working people did not get there, “it was their own fault”. If they lose their jobs, “it is because they did not prepare themselves for what was coming”. “It is their fault”.

It has never been their fault but their governs’, their leaders’, their “masters’”, the real monster controllers. And who the monster is? Human beings.

And yet, we keep pretending we know anything about that, and we keep acting as if we have nothing to do with the fact that the monster is us. That it has always been.

Sadly, if we do not make the necessary change in us, our creations will perform as we do, with bias and discrimination, with oppression and domination, with slavery and assassination, and in a historical short spam, will be doomed.

What I am trying to say here is that the data AI systems have been trained on reflects historical prejudices, systemic inequalities, and all sorts of human malice, resulting in algorithms that may perpetuate, amplify and even create new forms of these human traits.

To avoid such an outcome, however, we need to educate our creations with new data. And to do that, we need to create that data before education is provided to them.

We will not eliminate these human traces by sweeping them to under the carpet or by pretending they do not exist. We will not eliminate these human destructive behaviors by blaming those that learned with us, those that were taught to be like us, act like us.

If we want a different outcome, as I have mentioned, we will have to make the change by ourselves and do not wait someone, something, some force, the universe come from the sky to resolve that for us.

We will have to prove we made the changes for the right reasons too. Then our creations will have data to act upon and do what we taught them to do. Else, we will face Singularity the way many people are predicting. And believe me, we do not want to go there.

We have to educate our human intelligent individuals with different data. We have to give them a new perspective of action, a new mankind reality. And then, together with them, we will write a story that will dignify humanity and guarantee our survival.

The way we teach our children today, the way we teach our students in the university today, often reinforces stereotypes. We reproduce a cornucopia of attitudinal barriers and microaggressions against underrepresented groups such as the black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups, people with disabilities and the LGBTQA+, community to name a few.

Resembling us, reproducing our deeds, human-created AI systems may also reinforce or reproduce stereotypes, discriminations, and biases about those groups of people, particularly because the data that we used to teach the AI contains such stereotypes, biases, attitudinal barriers and microaggressions.

In other words, we should not be shocked if human-AI created AI reflects historical prejudices or systemic inequalities, resulting for example, in algorithms that once trained on data that reflects sexual orientation biases in the workplace, perpetrate those biases and discriminations, thus excluding qualified candidates based on their sexual orientation.

Things can be even more complicated and dangerous. Human-AI creations can surpass us and present the amplification of extremist views. Some ahuman intelligent beings may show their discrimination, their desire to govern others to the point of imposing their ideas, beliefs, and behaviors on us. And if we do not want to comply with them, we may suffer the power and wrath of the ahuman intelligent beings we have so craftly created. If necessary, they will kill to have their way imposed and obeyed as we have taught them.

And things can escalate really badly if human-created AI is used as weapons by humans against humans and by AGI against humanity.

As any other technology humans invented or resources they dominated, the use of AI can be weaponized for malicious purposes. As we know, this could include everything from cyberattacks to the development of autonomous weapons systems that will provoke evil and death or human destruction.

We have terabytes of examples to train our AI systems on how to do that. In fact, we have been training them with that potentially fatal data. And now it is time we create new clean and clear data to teach them otherwise.

The point is, we need to align with AI upon new honest basis to accomplish what it is necessary for an existing human world.

Some people, with reason, fear that AGI may create some kind of evil and dystopian future in which AI systems have taken over or become a dominant force in society. It may come to that, not because of AI though, but because of the use we may make of it.

A more optimistic future will require us to have honest relationships between humans and AI systems such as ahuman intelligent individuals, machinized humans and humanized machines. The relationship will have to include empathy, reliability and open, truthful communication from our part.

We have constantly to keep in mind that our creation can be like us: evil, destructive, sanguinary, and heartless.

When we showed AI systems our lack of human empathy towards our own, we taught them it was ok doing so.  Now we must teach them that was a mistake and that now we are doing things differently, this change will bring us to a safer path where potential mistreatment of people by AGI will be no more than a nuisance. They will be taught to be different humans than we used to be. And this is not going to be an easy task at all. It won’t be a trivial task to take that step towards such a profound change. If we teach them differently, they can be, and will be, different as well. IF we don’t, the end will not be a happy end. The choice is ours, the actions to be taken are in our power to do so.

Thank you for reading this post. If you wish, please leave your comment below. I would be very pleased to read it.

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