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Principles and objectives of the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Aid

LAIMA’s main principles include: to promote actions which may contribute to the social inclusion of all people with disabilities, both in the physical and the virtual environments; enable access to goods and services, with equal conditions and opportunities for those persons; spread and employ the concepts of universal design, accessibility and usability in the development of assistive technology for persons with disabilities.

Thus, it is part of LAIMA’s goals researching on new technologies (hardware and software), developing and providing low-cost or free assistive resources, whenever possible.

For us at LAIMA, accessibility is more than a matter of law, it is a matter of social responsibility, of a human dignity. In our understanding, the person who needs Assistive Technology or technical assistance cannot fail to receive accommodation due to their economic, social, educational or cultural disadvantage.

If you agree with that, join us!

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Here, we will provide beta versions of our apps and full use programs developed by LAIMA.

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