It is now too late, and that’s bad news for Homo sapiens. The good news is that it is the early dawn of a new era for humanity.

Hello everyone, I’m Francisco Lima here at the keyboard.

We are on the verge of acquiring the ability to create an Ahuman Intelligent Individual, so much like us that it will be a very version of ourselves. This entity will do precisely what we have been capable of doing to others throughout the history of humanity, and we may do so again if given the chance. Such an Ahuman Intelligent Individual may become an undisputable facsimile of humans and, as such, cause great harm to animals, plants, and Earth’s resources, just as we have been doing so “efficiently”.

The notion that an artificial being or an Ahuman Intelligent Individual could replicate the deeds that we humans have demonstrated toward our own kind and other species is alarming and strikes frightening apprehension into the hearts of humanity. We fear that even if this AHUMAN INTELLIGENT INDIVIDUAL is not intentionally designed to eliminate humanity, it could still cause us harm, much like what we have inflicted upon others. For example, this Ahuman Intelligent Individual could place us in a subordinate position as a “second-class” species, which, if we had the opportunity, we would have no qualms about doing to any other intelligent species we encounter.

By pointing out the risk of AI development to our species, I do not mean explicitly or implied that we should slow down AI development, postpone it, and much less stop it. My proposal is that we accept the reality we are in today and join forces with AI to avoid some human beings from using AI to go against humanity, oppress other members of humanity, and destroy mankind.

My proposal is that we drop our unjustified pride and learn how to be humble. We are slow, fragile, ill-intentioned, mean creatures. We must change that if we want to survive as a species. We have created AI, and if we keep pretending to be what we have never truly been, our creation will likely be the cause of our end.

Hence, if on one hand, it is too late to control or impede AI development, it is still time for humanity to embrace the new era and wake up to welcome the dawn of human freedom and enrichment.

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