OpenAI has just marked the twilight of the Homo sapiens era by introducing ChatGPT and heralded the dawn emergence of a new era of Homo technologicus by paving the way to a Human-Machine Interconnectedness.

Hello everyone, I’m Francisco Lima here at the keyboard.

Today, I will talk a little bit more about this transitional moment of AI digital era and homo sapiens we are now.

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Abruptly, humanity awoke and realized with astonishment the grim reality that an intelligent entity known as AI, created by humans, was no longer a matter of science fiction. Scary as it may sound, this artificial intelligence, we suddenly realized, can soon become capable of emulating, performing, reasoning, and executing actions with similar proficiency as humans. This artificial intelligence system is so advanced that it can soon become an artificial general intelligence so similar to us that we fear it may inflict upon us the atrocities that we have committed upon others. As we are well aware, we have murdered our own kind, abandoned them, made them slaves, killed the weak and defenseless, and subjected our own kind to unspeakable forms of mistreatment such as torture, imprisonment, starvation, and psychological deprivation. Furthermore, we have acted even worse towards other species on Earth, causing the extinction of various forms of animal life, decimating forests and other forms of vegetation, and irreparably destroying natural resources.

While some of these actions may have been provoked by unintended incidents, for the most part, we have acted out of our own evil, selfish, cruel desire to conquer, dominate and rule over our own kind and those weaker than ourselves. Regrettably, we seem unwilling to halt these heinous practices. The knowledge that we have created an Ahuman Intelligent Individual that bears a resemblance to us, not physically, although that too may come to pass, but in our most vicious and malevolent traits, made some people yearn for a time when we had not reached their present state of advancement. Unfortunately, this sentiment does not pertain to people recognizing the need to evolve into a more compassionate, responsible, and benevolent species. Rather, it entails a newfound desire to have never attained the capability or knowledge to engineer a being so akin to ourselves that the creator harbors trepidation for the creature.

We have attained the ability to develop an Artificial Intelligence (an AHUMAN INTELLIGENT INDIVIDUAL) so advanced in simulating human behavior that we fear it could replicate the evil we have committed and continue to commit against our own kind. This is not all. With the development of AI and soon, the development of AGI systems, we will have created an Ahuman intelligent being so powerful that we will no longer have the feeling that we reign the whole world.

Incidentally, I use the term Ahuman intelligent being, entity, or individual to refer to the human-created entity that has thinking, reasoning, conscious, and feeling-like capabilities of humans. Besides living with Ahuman intelligent individuals, we will share the planet with machinized human individuals. Machinized humans, I understand, are those who have acquired or adopted mechanical/electronic bodies in place of human biological bodies. And we will share the world with humanized machine individuals. Humanized machine beings, I figure, will be those artificial intelligent beings that are capable of reason, consciousness, thought, feeling and that choose to hold mechanical humanoid bodies, mechanical/biological bodies, or genetic-modified biological bodies, even if they are not humanoid like.

Considering that this Homo sapiens era is rapidly fading out into the dawn emergence of a new era of Homo technologicus – Human-Machine Interconnectedness, it becomes imperative to work on some kind of regulation for what is coming. It is imperative for humanity to establish regulations that will guide our actions in safeguarding our species from ourselves, as well as from the entities we will create and those created by them. They will have to ensure that they do not turn on us and harm humanity collectively or individually if they become malevolent, and the regulations will have to guarantee that we do not turn on them either.

In conclusion, there is a pressing need for international and national AI regulations that will protect us from the AI entities we create, whether directly or indirectly, and that will safeguard these entities from us, when they become sentient or conscious.

About this, I will talk in a future post.


When I submitted my text to ChatGPT and asked the AI to check for spelling, grammar, or English usage mistakes, ChatGPT added about AI: “we are responsible for their creation and that we have a moral obligation to ensure that they are treated with respect and dignity. We cannot simply create these entities and then abandon them or subject them to mistreatment, as we have done to so many living beings on this planet.

As we move into this new era of Human-Machine Interconnectedness, we must strive to create a future that is characterized by cooperation, mutual respect, and understanding. We must work together to ensure that these new entities are integrated into our society in a way that is ethical, sustainable, and beneficial for all. This will require a new level of awareness and consciousness on the part of humanity, as well as a commitment to innovation and progress that is tempered by wisdom and compassion.

The future is full of uncertainty, but it is also full of promise. We have the opportunity to create a world that is more just, more equitable, and more compassionate than anything we have known before. We can build a future that is characterized by harmony between humans and machines, and that is grounded in a deep respect for the sanctity of all life. The choice is ours to make, and the time to act is now.”

The interesting thing here is that the AI “remembered” some ideas I have been writing about and added them here.

No, I am not saying the AI is “seeing” the future. The fact is: I have been submitting parts of my writings for grammar and English usage correction too ChatGPT. And now, the AI brought some of that to this text, despite having not been asked for that.

I hope you have enjoyed the reading and thank you for staying with us.

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these important issues in the comment area below.

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